Open letter from the president of Italmercati to EU: during the emergency the Wholesale Markets of Europe have vigorously shown their fundamental role

In the present pandemic the Wholesale Markets of Europe have vigorously shown their fundamental role for the essential monitoring of fresh product distribution.

Our operators have continued working despite being exposed to the risk of contagion, thus keeping not only the traditional supply chain, but also local production on its feet, which would otherwise have risked disappearing altogether.

Thus wrote Fabio Massimo Pallottini, President of Italmercati, to the President of the  Parliament, to the Commissioners for Agriculture and Fisheries, to the European parliamentarians of the Commission for Agriculture, involving all the European markets of the WUWM, so that “once this situation is overcome, the function of the wholesale markets will, without a shadow of a doubt, be recognized. We expect the recognition of our many efforts and great commitment. In this new agro-distributional balance that will be taking shape, the wholesale markets are ready to respond to the appeal as a stakeholder in the regenerated European economic system.”

Since the time when the markets came together as the WUWM in the European Commission for Agriculture to present the 15 amendments to the CAP in the name and on behalf of the World Wholesale Markets, the world, and consequently Europe, have changed considerably.

“We have said it over and over again,” emphasizes Pallottini in his letter, addressed to all European wholesale markets, “our organisations  are one of the major links in the supply chain and they ensure production is sustainable, distribution is consistent, the range of choice is varied, waste is reduced to a minimum and today, they even guarantee sustenance to those in need.

We must reflect on our renewed awareness: we can no longer defer the decision to develop our line of action. We have thrown down the gauntlet to Brussels. We can now unanimously claim our competitiveness, which can grow where we are able to guarantee our respective, distinctive differences.

In a Europe that needs unity more than ever before, we must have the courage to demand the support of national, European and international institutions. To do so, we must act as one by virtue of the strength we gain from our position, first and foremost, as the link with the primary sector, where we have proved we know how to contribute significantly”.

Open Letter to Europe Markets

Open Letter to EU. English Version

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